Foam and Worbla armour MEGA TUTORIAL

Tutorial by AmenoKitarou

Super duper awesome and helpful! I am totally going to try this out for my Garrosh cosplay.

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Pattern reference for Lucina’s tunic, just because I can. Linings were omitted again, turns out I drafted and cut out the linings without making a hard copy.

The tunic is suppose to come off and on very easily.

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How to make an easy, light weight, inexpensive scissor blade!


You’ll need: image

  1. The largest 1cm thick piece of foam poster board you can find. Ours was bought at ACmoore for $7.99. We only needed one.
  2. Your best scissors
  3. An exacto blade and maybe a kitchen knife
  4. A sanding block and sand paper
  5. Potentially types of tape (Not necessary)
  6. Tacks (Potentially)
  7. A pencil and sharpie
  8. And a large piece of paper/ tracing paper roll
  9. Super Gloss or regular gloss Mod Podge. $6.99
  10. Red Spray paint $2.49
  11. A clear gloss coating/ enamel to cover spray paint.

You’ll be making the handle twice so use your foam board carefully. Line up the flat edge of your blade with the flat edge of the board to save room. Our blade ended up the exact length of the board

  • STEP 1: Make a pattern for your blade on your scrap paper. You don’t need to cut it out, mark where you’ll be sanding down to add the sloped edge of the blade and any other details you want.
  • STEP 2: Place your pattern on your board and with a pencil go over your final lines heavily to press them into the board underneath. We used tacks to keep it in place with tracing. Make any marks into the board you need, they won’t show up later.
  • STEP 3: Cut out your blade shape. (If you have the same board we had it will have a paper coating.) Peel off the paper coating. Do this on all parts of this tutorial. Make sure there is no paper left, only foam.
  • STEP 4: Once your blade is roughly cut out, line up where you ended it to your scrap paper. Draw the handle. Follow the same steps as a above for this.
  • STEP 5: Carefully use your exacto blade to cut out your shapes exactly how you want them.

THIS IS WHAT YOU SHOULD NOW HAVE (minus the sanded blade edge)


  • STEP 6: Roughly connect your blade and handle with a piece of tape or hot glue. Use that to trace and make the connecting piece. It should look something like this outlined area just not crappily done in paint. Once this new piece is cut out of your foam, remove the paper from it and glue it on top of your blade so it lines up.


  • STEP 7: SANDING! Sand down your blade edge into a slope, sand around all edges that are like this. Sand in your details for the grip and the creases in the handle. The handle also has sloped edges. Sand down flat parts as well. We noticed the foam would pill a little. Sand heavily where you connected the top piece to the blade to get a seamless slope from blade to handle. This unexpectedly came out awesome. Be careful sanding since its hard to maneuver the blade to do detailing. This will make a huge snowy mess and i recommend wearing some sort of mask. We used bandanas since it was all we had and we looked like cowboys.
  • STEP 8: Create the holes in the blade. Draw them in, poke in the basic hole with scissors, knife, exacto, whatever. Then, using your sand paper, go into the holes and sand down the edges to create nice openings.




we added the tape as a grip, the blade did not break. It also helped to balance the blade and the handle. It’s electrical tape since that will paint over the easiest.

STEP 9: YOU’RE ALMOST DONE! We used Mod Podge Super Gloss as our sealer since it was all I had. Get this somewhere with a coupon! It dries in 2 hours, the cure time is 4 weeks but no one has time for that and it didn’t matter. Normal Mod Podge gloss works just as well but it requires more coats. It’s dry time is 15-20 minutes. This will make the blade shiny once it is spray painted and get rid of the grainy texture. Go over edges heavily as well as where you connected the top piece at the blade to get a smooth edge.

We left the back detail free but you can sand the back as well so long as you’re careful not to make any part too thin.

STEP 10: SPRAY PAINT IT! We bought a small container of cherry red and we just had enough to finish. let this dry.

STEP 11: CLEAR ENAMEL COVER. Spray it with any spray cover gloss to give it an extra shine and seal the spray paint. Let it dry.


You now have a shiny red super light scissor blade out of only foam and glue!

This blade is  not fragile but it is not strong either. You don’t need to be delicate with it, just don’t be reckless! I swung it around a bit, it was good!




If you have any questions feel free to comment or reblog with them, or you can personally throw a message my way and I’ll gladly answer!

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My Response To Jimmy Kimmel Harassing Cosplayers At Comic-Con

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Hahaha SMASH highlights with dalfe who is actually canon Haru


Hahaha SMASH highlights with dalfe who is actually canon Haru

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shark boyf come back :[
( cosplayer / photographer )


shark boyf come back :[

cosplayer / photographer )

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Source: Free Eternal Summer¡¡ Facebook page

Yamazaki Sousuke cosplay, Free! Eternal Summer




Source: Free Eternal Summer¡¡ Facebook page

Yamazaki Sousuke cosplay, Free! Eternal Summer


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best modern family scene ever

It’s like one of those tumblr posts that just can’t catch a break

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