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Tutorial Time: Applique the Easy way


So the term in general means “Applied” which is exactly what youre doing! In textiles and sewing, you’re applying a patch of decorative fabric to your garment! However it generally involves an EMBROIDERY machine or a lot of time to hand satin stitch your applique.

But in this method, its much much easier but goes just as fast!

What youre gonna need:

- Your sewing machine    

- Thread that matches the applique

-Your applique fabric

- Heat n Bond Ultra hold (red package please)

- an Iron

- and your garment!

Lets get started!

First, Youre gonna want to draw out what your applique patch will look like on the back side of the heat n bond aka the paper

Mine is just a basic dragon scale/ a shitty circle and cut it out.


Next, take your applique fabric and on the WRONG side of it, place your heat n Bond adhesive side down/paper side up



Now take your iron and heat it up on a medium high setting.(NO STEAM!!! YOU NEED THAT DRY HEAT) and constantly moving it over the paper side so the adhesive melts on the applique fabric for about 5 seconds or until the HnB sticks to the fabric. 


Cut around the HnB patch and peel off the back!


Now to sew it!

Okay so now you wanna grab your garment piece RIGHT SIDE UP and place and place your applique patch with the adhesive side down


Now take your iron and place it over the patch and let it melt onto the garment piece. This will take longer depending on what kind of fabric youre using! Fleece will take longer while cotton and blends take less.


Now to stitch around! The Adhesive is there JUST to keep the patch from sliding around! And using lots of needles is tedious!

Okay so we’re gonna be using 2 stitches, technically 3 if you count the back stitch! (A) which is a regular running straight stitch and (B) A Zig Zag stitch


Now stitch as close as you can to the edge of the applique as you can and you should get something like this. Take it slow! slow and steady always wins! Dont worry if you didnt get close enough or its not perfect! We’re gonna cover it with the zigzag stitch


Now change the stitch setting to a Zigzag stitch and stitch around the patch similar to how we did with the straight stitch. But This time, youre ‘sealing’ the edges of the applique to prevent fraying. You should get this as a result. its not perfect and thats okay! Just a bit more practice!image

A couple examples of more applique stitching with a regular machine

(Stormfly wing)image

(Stormfly tail)


Now I used Anti Pill fleece for this tutorial but you can do with with almost any fabric! Remember to test swatches first! And this is the Heat n Bond I used! it cost about $3 at Joanns for one yard.


Some fabrics will work better than others! And be careful of how long youre melting the adhesive! Too long and it will slip right off leaving a patch of sticky residue!

Thanks for checking this tutorial guys! And dont hesitate to ask questions if I didnt explain it very well! :)

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DIY Mermaid Tail (That you can swim in!)

New tutorial is up! I am really excited about this, it is really fun to be a mermaid!! 

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Blake Belladonna | RWBY

Blake Belladonna | RWBY

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Recently, I came across the Sailor Moon costume instructions in Cosmode and decided to try out Cosmode’s bow method. This bow (chest bow) is nice and hardy, since the main part is 4 layers thick.

I had trouble deciphering the instructions, since I can read only a little…


Casting clear gems with EpoxACast

Video tutorial

Short, written tutorial [video has more information, this is just a little summary!]:


  • Chavant NSP Medium
  • Oomoo 30 
  • Ease Release 200 
  • EpoxACast 690 Clear


  • Cutter
  • Scalpel
  • Spatulae
  • hotglue gun
  • scoops

ATTENTION!! Your health and safety should always come first! Please read the safety instructions that come with the materials and follow them!

  1. The basic shape of the gem is cut from clay.
  2. The facets are cut into it and smoothened with water
  3. The silicone is being mixed. Attention! Please follow the safety instructions for working with silicone! Mixing ratio is 1:1 and you’re done mixing once there are no pink or blue stains in the silicone.
  4. Only when all air bubbles have vanished (yet before pot life expires), the silicone is poured in a thin stream from the deepest point of the moldbox.
  5. After 6 hrs the silicone has cured. Before mixing and pouring the resin, I used a release agent. When working with resin, you have to follow the safety instructions and protect your skin, eyes and respiratory system by wearing the necessary protection and working in a well ventilated area! Mixing ratio is 100 parts of epoxy to 30 parts of hardener. Use a kitchen scale to measure, stir carefully so there will be no bubbles, pour carefully.
  6. After 24 hours the epoxy is cured and hard. You can now demold it.
  7. Pro-tip: Put mirrorfoil behind it for le shine!

You can find aditional information about the materials and possibilities this technique gives you in my facebook-gallery on this topic!

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Clear Cosplay Appreciation Part 1| Part 2 | Part 3 

My personal picks for Best Face shots

Sources: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10]

Damn wow this is amazing! Good job congrats on your face.

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Some quick pictures at Starbucks after K: Missing Kings! 

Costumes: chessy-tan, soulxiii, shikarius (+edits)

Photos: shuttercrazyphotos


Nigel’s Animal World at San Japan!

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